Doing Good Is Good Business




Principles of Innovation in Action (pages 105-115),

Social Media Fingerprints of Unemployment,

The Data That Turned the World Upside Down,

Fake News Is Not The Only Problem


Guest Speakers:  Gilad Lotan , Dr. Amen Ra Mashariki , Manuel Garcia-Herranz


Questions / Thoughts:

  • How do the concepts of innovation and relevance relate to time and sustainability in design?
  • What is the history behind post-truth politics, and how did it become so acceptable? 
  • How or what is being done in a research front to understand people’s perception of what is real?
  • How can we create or expect people to create something based on publicly-available social media datasets, if the average person does not know how to read data?
  • How can we understand why people react or act to a specific piece of information?
  • If data quantifies information based on actions and/or reactions, could it somehow analyze communication or interactions? Possibly as a means to then make data more trustworthy and non-binary?




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