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Design Thinking Workshop (class activity) 


Quick design challenge process on the theme of digital or virtual communications (Skype, Facetime etc.)

We had to pair up with a classmate and together engage in the step by step process of identifying a problem and creating a simple solution through design thinking. My solution to Kenzo’s virtual communications problem is the “Mom Cloud” or possible “imom” a portable device designed to be clipped to any wall. It will be synchronized with Kenzo’s cloud system, therefore a screen video will appear on the device when Kenzo’s mother calls him but it will only allow video calls when his icloud calendar permits, on the other side, Kenzo’s mother will also recieve time notifications from the “imom.”

Kenzo’s problem is that as much as he loves his mother, he can’t afford to talk to her everyday all the time as she would like to.

This class activity was a great experience. The time constraints and partnership allowed us to realize the importance of adapting our design approach depending on context and user’s needs.


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