Intro to Computational Media

Final Project Idea1


I am interested in:

-A sudden suspension of the natural order.

-Observation, to notice and wonder.

-An intelligent cloud/spheric connections of space.

-“Humans are beings that participate in spaces unknown to physics.”Peter sloterdijk

-“And how perplexed must any womb-born creature feel, who is obliged to fly thin air.”Rilke

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could look up to the blue sky and see the smoke coming out of factory chimneys transform into classic marble sculptures. They rise and are shaped with the smoke and then disappear in thin air one by one.

I would like to try this idea using p5 and data from museums all over the world, so you could control the marble sculptures that you want to see, from specific time period or artists. Also, if possible a real video of smoke from different factories.

I am not sure if this is possible but I have asked around ITP and some say it is, they tell me to explore: 3d simulation, webgl smoke and this library that looks incredible:


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