Intro to Computational Media


Infinite possibilities/potential, this is what I would like to explore. A concept that seems so easy for a computer or a programing mechanism and so difficult for humans, but in reality the human body-or nature-seem to have organically infinite possibilities.
I would like to understand how can we measure the dialogue amongst these infinite possibilities. How can we learn from it? Is it a new measurement unit? Is it maybe a new way of learning that is not based in comparison?
I feel that artists have always thought about the fabrication of reality, in different levels and spheres. Just as anthropologists or other social sciences. (In the beginning there was the bubble.) With P5.js, everyone could think about this, everyone can participate in the dialogue or can resonate with someone else’s dialogue with reality. I have questions.
Can I use coding to make drawings with light in space? Can I upload my own hand drawing and transform it into code and then have it virtually in space, similar to:

article-2109060-11fea371000005dc-386_306x406 picasso_3 http-%2f%2fa-amz-mshcdn-com%2fwp-content%2fuploads%2f2014%2f10%2fpicasso-light

Can I change the entire color/light of a room during time using coding and connect the technology to a chemical  process?

P5 Sketch:


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